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The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.

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Wait, Did Sam Accidentally Find the Cure For Greyscale?

If the latest theory about Game of Thrones is true, then Daenerys Targaryen is going to be kicking herself when she finds out! The tiniest hint during Sam's storyline in the GOT season seven premiere could be the key to curing greyscale - the disease…

via PopSugar at July 18, 2017

The Cure's Pornographic Cure: Bittersweet Relief

The Cure's Pornography is so much more than just the ponderously murky, suicide-inducing effort it's often made out to be. The idea of pornography is, of course, titillating for some, abhorrent to others. Still others exhibit muddled feelings about…

via Pop Matters at June 28, 2017

Lady Gaga releases ‘The Cure’ lyric video

Lady Gaga has released “The Cure” for fans who need a music video for her latest single. In lieu of a full video, the singer opted to post a lyric video to support “The Cure,” the track she debuted during her headlining set at last month’s…

via Entertainment Weekly at May 2, 2017

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